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24hr Solutions continues to be one of the major suppliers of engineering support throughout the COVID-19 outbreak.

Whilst every job is being triaged against a priority basis, 24hr Solutions and all its services within the group are fully functional for essential works, priority works, and all works for key workers, key services and government agencies.

If you are unsure, please don’t hesitate in contacting us and we will talk through your requirements.

24hr Solutions and all the companies within the group operate on strict social distancing guidelines throughout the COVID-19 period.
24hr Solutions is a leading business group and one of the world's recognised and respected brands. Conceived many years ago, 24hr Solutions has gone on to grow successful divisions in sectors ranging from Security and Building Maintenance to Transport, Mechanics and Grounds Maintenance.
24hr Solutions has grown to be a very successful brand. As such we have diverse our range of services to accommodate client demand without diluting our ability to provide a second to none service.

Due to this, 24hr Solutions has several companies and divisions within the 24hr Solutions Group, all run and managed by our CEO and active Director, Phil Turner.

These divisions are:

Property Building Maintenance

(A UK Head Office with Global Satellite Offices, the Property Building Maintenance division of the group is a Global service provider for Building Maintenance, Facilities Management, Statuary Test and Inspection, Building Projects and Aftercare. This includes our install team, facilities management support service and our UK based Alarm Receiving Centre).

The Vehicle Repair and Recovery Centre

(Based in Hertford, supplying vehicle repair and support services for all shapes and sizes of vehicles, fleet or one off customers)

Adam Bellinger Tree Care/ 24hr Tree Care

(Operating throughout London, Herts, Beds, Bucks, Essex and Kent, this division of 24hr Solutions specialises on tree care and grounds maintenance incorporating planned and reactive maintenance of plants and trees)

AT Haulage

(Operating internationally, this division is used for custom and usually oversized transport services. It is generally dealt with through the Vehicle Repair and Recovery Centre or 24hr Solutions head office directly)
24hr Solutions is exactly that, Solutions to problems 24 hours a day across all sectors of the group.

Its a one number service to our in house call centre, where you call will be dealt with quickly and efficiently and any jobs passed through to the correct engineers who can help.
Our terms and conditions are standard throughout the group and are emailed over upon request.

When making a booking, it is your responsibility to ensure you are happy with our terms and conditions that will be explained to you at the time of booking.

By requesting a job to be completed you are acknowledging that you accept the terms and conditions and the appendix relating to the service we are carrying out. This will be explained when quoting.

As a general rule our costs are cheaper than our competitors due to our in house team of engineers as-appose to 3rd party sub contractors.

We also have a price match guarantee for our Property Building Maintenance division where if you supply your renewal quote for planned maintenance, we will beat it by at least 10% (T&Cs apply)
The easiest way to contact 24hr Solutions is to email info@24hrsolutions.co.uk

We are more than happy to talk through any project, repair, transport or other service we can assist with.
24hr Solutions normally provides a fixed-price bid. In certain cases, hourly rates for revisions are offered.
Unfortunately there is no such thing as a typical project. Projects range from a few simple components to complex assemblies that involve several hundreds or thousands of components. Due to our large staff of experienced engineers and technicians, we are able to meet even the most demanding deadlines.
In short, yes.

We offer multisite discounts that can save you a lot on your planned maintenance.
For credit account customers we usually provide 30 days credit facility for payment.

For non credit customers, immediate payment is required and can be made by credit card, cheque or bank transfer.
In short, anywhere.

From a single site in the middle of no where, to multiple sites across the globe, we are fully equiped to deal with them all.

With our Head Office in the UK, we have satellite offices in the following locations:

New York

With sites in HongKong, Australia, Hungry and Poland coming soon.
What ever the service we are here to help.

We offer all aspects of engineering and across the group cater for all kinds of services. From tree surgery to mechanical engineering, roadside support to test and inspection services. We can offer all kinds of specialist engineering services bespoke for your needs.

We've even worked with a major aeroplane supplier testing the machines that test the landing gear for their aeroplanes.

We offer engineering support services to several facilities management companies. We offer a range of services from 24hr emergency response to a 24hr help desk and tailor our services to meet the needs of the facilities management company.
Our Alarm Receiving Centre provides reassurance that intruder and fire alarms are monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Activation signals are sent to our UK based monitoring centre, where they are filtered and activated on either through a phone call to contacts, police, fire or ambulance response or to a custom action plan.
We can provide medical, loan working, personal attack and custom personal alarms.
Our ARC (alarm receiving centre) is fully equipped to monitor a variety of alarms, either supplied through us, or through a 3rd party.
Our systems are fully customisable which means, no matter what the issue we can ensure you are fully covered with a system and monitoring that works for you.
We have a full install team who can install anything from alarms and fire suppression to boilers and electrical systems.

We can install BMS systems, medical alarms, intruder and fire alarms, boiler and heating systems, cold water services, pipework..... you name it really and we can install it, maintain it, upgrade it and service it.

Just give our business development team a call to discuss your requirements.

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