Posted 06/08/2019 16:54:29

Adam Bellinger Tree Care take on the 24hr ethos in the 1st major test after being bought by the group and smash it out the park!

It was the 1st major test for Adam and his team since being bought out by the 24hr Solutions group when yeaterday at 4pm a call came in from a member of the public who had a large oak tree falling dangeriously towards his neighbours house. 

The call came in at 4pm to the main 24hr Solutions Group control room and within 30 minutes engineers had been dispatched to site. 

The large oak was leaning dangeriously towards the boundry of a large estate, right over the neighbouring multi million pound houses and their very nice Maserati sports car.

Within 1 hour a full team were onsite, the tree was supported and strapped and Adam, the face behind the name, was high in the tree getting lines attached.

Phil Turner, Director of the group who was onsite commented, 'Im hugly proud of everything our guys did. From the moment they turned up they made the site safe and secure and ensured the tree was dealt with quickly, effectivly and with no danger. This has been a huge challange for Adam and his team and really highlights the 'No Problems Only Solutions' or 24hr Solutions into every company within the group.'

Within 2 hours the tree was safely down and the site returned back to the owner with no damage to any property, person or equipment. 

Adam Bellenger said 'It has been a massive challange but very exciting. Since the 24hr take over I have always been sceptical about how it all dovetails into work within our sector but now it makes sense. The ability to come together and sort out such a massive issue in such a profeshional way is amazing! Hard work but Ive loved it! Cant wait for the next challanging call!'

For more info on Adam Bellinger Tree Care or any aspect of the 24hr Group please take a look at the services we cover on the website or give us a call on 0208 819 3117.

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